Manage free & paid events effortlessly

Organising a free or paid event? Manage everything from the event's website to the guests, bookings, reservations & accepting payments in one place online. Don't worry about manually setting everything up separately.

EventGrid + Expression

Eventgrid is an easy way to set up online registration and ticketing for conferences, seminars, concerts, tours and festivals. EventGrid Expression enables you to create beautiful branded event websites in minutes and delight your customers


Evolero is an event platform helping organizers run all of their events in one place. Alongside a complete suite of ticketing, website and networking tools, Evolero throws a digital lasso around all event generated content, from social engagement to speakers, keeping event site updated and attractive. Evolero is the only place you will need to manage all of your events, from ticketing to community.


Attendize is a free, open-source & self-hosted ticket selling and event management platform. You'll need to host it but you won't be paying the fees that others charge you. (usually 1-3% + payment processing fees). With Attendize's open sourced platform, you're paying just Stripe's transaction fees once you set it up on a server. If you want to go for this option, contact Instamake who can help implementing this for you.


Nvite makes it easy to organize and manage events by providing you with easy-to-use tools that make the event experience better for both organizers and attendees. It was designed to give attendees and guests the best experience possible from check-out to check-in. We built technology that complements event organizer’s brand and messaging, not get in the way of it — ultimately, better design and technology will sell more tickets, faster.


Build powerful event sites. Build anticipation for your event with on-brand, mobile-responsive event sites with fully integrated planner tools. Make sure the attendee experience is seamless - from the door to the web. Manage, analyze and re-engage your growing event community.