Sell your work and grow your audience on these publishing platforms

If you love to write or create content, use these publishing platforms to instantly reach and build a monetizable audience. Use these tools to create any kind of digital content (including blogs, e-books, etc) and share them on a dedicated self-publishing platform.


Gumroad is a platform that enables creators to sell products (Books, Courses, Film, Music) directly to consumers. Gumroad helps creators take control of their creative careers. Over $54,000,000 has been made by over 20,515 bloggers, writers, and artists. An all-in-one solution to sell your work and grow your audience. Gumroad is for independent writers, designers, software developers, musicians, artists, teachers, filmmakers, and anyone in-between.

Blogging Platforms:
Wordpress, Tumblr, Medium, Ghost

We've bundled up all popular blogging platforms into this entry. Most of you are likely familiar with these platforms. If you're not, they're free blogging platforms that allow you to create a blog/profile instantly with zero coding. With Medium, you'll be able to tag your content with various categories/interests and gain exposure. Once you build an audience, you can start earning revenue through ads, newsletter signups and profitable email lists and other opportunities. Many entrepreneurs, authors and freelance writers started sharing high-quality content and building their brand through these blogging platforms.


Sellfy is an e-commerce platform for digital product self-publishers. Sellfy allows creators of digital content - ebooks, comics, design assets, music, video or any type of digital file - to sell their goods by opening a beautiful storefront on Sellfy or adding buy buttons to their own website, blog or social media profile. One of the most interesting features of Sellfy is that you can offer discounts to customers who share your products via Twitter and Facebook.

List of E-book Publishing Tools

There's a large curated list of publishing tools focused on e-books here, including custom designs, retailers, authoring and distributors. See these tools here.