Create a podcast to effectively communicate with your audience

“Radio is about to fall off a cliff. And that audience is just waiting for you to create something worth listening to.” - Seth Godin. Podcasting is becoming a mainstream phenomenon for several reasons. The tools on this page help you create and host your podcast effectively.

We've also sourced this fantastic guide/podcast which will help you through all aspects of building a podcast: The ultimate guide to starting, producing, and promoting a podcast

Podcasting on SoundCloud

It’s never been easier to tell stories, upload and share them across the web, as well as in podcast apps. SoundCloud is perfect for podcasters looking for an intuitive hosting platform that’s built on the most stable infrastructure and provides the most detailed statistics to help you understand and grow your audience.


Comes with three web-based components: The Studio, The Editor, and The Publisher, which are all hosted in the cloud. The Studio allows you to record high quality audio, alone or with guests around the world. The Editor enables you to edit your podcast in record time - drop in audio, and make use of powerful presets like dynamic compression.


Anchor is a free iPhone app that makes it easy to record, publish and broadcast 2 minute short audio clips, sort of like bite-sized podcasts, to a global audience in seconds. Best of all, audio in Anchor is interactive - so anyone can respond with their actual voice, like a real conversation. It’s like starting an interactive radio show right from your phone. Click here for an example. Your listeners can talk back, sparking instant group conversations that were never before possible.


Live interactive podcasting with your Twitter followers. ZCast is a new way to podcast, simply choose a topic and you’re ready to broadcast. Or if you prefer, you can schedule a cast for a later date. ZCast lets you start a live audio podcast/recording from your smartphone or computer, broadcast a link to the session through Twitter, and then invite others to join. Listeners can leave comments in real time and broadcasters can reply either via chat or live on the air.


Record your guests in top quality directly from their web browser in high quality. Recording your own podcast is a pretty complicated affair, but Zencastr is a web app currently in beta that allows you to record audio on multiple computers, then upload that all to Dropbox. This makes it very easy to record guests – plus, it ensures high quality, and is considered to be more effective than Hangouts or Skype. It’s free while it’s in beta if you want to check it out (it’ll eventually be a paid service).