Package and ship your products hassle-free

These tools will help you streamline your shipping and packaging process. Tools like Pakible enable you to create/design custom packaging with ease. There are on-demand shipping services like Shyp, and services which help you with sending physical mail at scale, like Lob. We've also included services like Shippo and Easypost which provide developer interfaces (APIs) to help you totally automate your shipping process by providing you ways to integrate shipping and tracking into your warehouse or eCommerce site. If you have no experience with code, contact us at Instamake.

Custom Packaging


Custom packaging made simple. Pakible was started as an effort to make designing and ordering custom packaging easy and pain-free. We give users the power to design and order quality, custom packaging at low quantities for affordable prices. If you go on their website, there’s an online box designer software where you can choose the type and size of packaging and then customize it with your own text, logos and colors. They offer a 10 boxes for $10 deal to start with.


With Arka, any company can easily source their packaging online! Fully brand your packaging with our easy-to-use 3D interface. Customize each face exactly how you need it to look. Create and experiment with different looks by saving them as templates! Let us help you WOW your customers, from the moment your product arrives at their door.

On-demand shipping


Shyp is the easiest way to ship your stuff on-demand. The company provides a mobile app by which users can enter a package's pick-up and destination addresses and upload a photo of the package to be shipped. A driver comes to your house or business, picks up all items, then takes them away to be professionally packed and shipped to their destination. We’ll connect the package to USPS, FedEx, UPS, OnTrac or other regional carriers - automatically figuring out the best carrier to use for each individual delivery. It recently partnered up with eBay to provide hassle free shipping for your eBay sales.


Focused in New York at the moment but the service is expanding quickly. Whether you're buying selling, sending a gift or returning an item, wynd takes care of the shipping so you don't have to. We pick it up, we pack it and we make sure it gets exactly where you want it to go. Pickup and packing is always free. If you’re a business, send items from your store and sales floor with wynd. We simplify your entire shipping process, from finding the lowest rates and an easy-to-use in-store tool to effortless e-commerce integration and beautiful packaging.

Shipping APIs


You can think of Shippo as a service that’s as convenient as going to FedEx’s website and creating, prepaying, and printing a shipment label. But with Shippo, its interface is integrated into your business’s online storefront dashboard — and you’re not restricted to FedEx. If you have a Shopify store, Shippo has built an easy-to-use free shipping app for Shopify order shipping that saves business merchants time and money on their shipping.

You’ll need a developer if you have no experience, but once it’s created your shipping process will be significantly more automated and hassle free. Instamake, too, has dealt with Shippo and can help you out – contact us.


EasyPost is a Shipping API that makes it quick and painless to integrate shipping and tracking into your warehouse, eCommerce site, marketplace, or business. We give you modern tools for rating, generating postage and labels, verifying addresses, tracking packages in real time, and more. Works with all of the major shipping companies, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx. It’s an API thus you’ll need to have basic coding knowledge, but once it’s been implemented, your shipping process can be significantly more hassle free and automated.


Lob provides a developer API that lets companies integrate printing and shipping services into their apps. It makes sending ink and paper mail as easy as sending email. At Lob, we're passionate about powering APIs for the enterprise that automate the sending of physical mail at scale. Lob generates customized pieces, sends them on our customers' behalf, helps A/B test different variants, and tracks mail as it's delivered. You’ll likely need a developer to set things up when you are at scale and are sending lots of physical mail. Instamake can help too – contact us.